WM and WK
Finned Coils


Custom Made Heat Exchangers


WM and WK
Finned Coils


The heat exchangers are of finned coil type composed of seamless tubes mechanically expanded onto fins with joined collars in order to insure an optimum heat transfer.


The coils can be manufactured for a quantity of one unit and on request to meet the most specific needs.


All coils have been designed to be used with the heat transfer fluids the most encountered in the HVAC & R applications :


  • Chilled water
  • Hot water
  • Glycol water
  • Superheated water 
  • Steam
  • Refrigerants


A wide range of coils is available :


  • Cooling coil


  • Heating coil



  • Steam coil



  • Direct expansion type evaporator coil



  • Condenser coil



Our coils are available with two geometries of tubes arranged in a staggered pattern only :


- WM geometry with Ø3/8" tubes and corrugated fins with wavy edges :




- Wgeometry with Ø5/8" tubes and flat fins with wavy edges :




Several types of materials are available :


> Tubes : copper and cupro-nickel

> Fins : aluminum, aluminum + epoxy coating and copper

> Headers : painted steel and copper

> Casing : galvanized sheet, stainless steels 304L and 316L

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